Urgent request for your feedback to PGH Zoning, May 2024!

If you’ve interest in West End development, please make time to email zoningboard@pittsburghpa.gov by noon Wed May 15, or attend by Zoom or in Person 9:20am Thu May 16 the meeting of the Pittsburgh Zoning Board of Adjustments committee to express your opinions.

The zoning concern is that the Porters, who’ve purchased and are renovating the Old Stone Tavern, have purchased a warehouse behind the Tavern as an Event Center to compliment the Old Stone Tavern and they need zoning approval for parking to support public gatherings like weddings and community events. The Event Center is currently zoned within a tight Urban Industrial zone and variance is required for the Porters to pursue required parking accommodations in the surrounding properties which are designated Local Neighborhood Commercial.

To express your opinions to the Pittsburgh Zoning Board of Adjustments, hopefully supporting this new West End development:

The city page below contains the application for zoning adjustment, the Porters have also made available their current plans in a excellent PDF available here, which are about an entire destination in the West End substantially based on our Pittsburgh Old Stone Tavern Friends possible vision envisioned for the Tavern which was instrumental in sparking the Porters’ interest in the Tavern. The Porters have done much work on original restoration and preservation of the Tavern already, and it is fantastic to see them moving to their vision for a future West End destination!

What might you say or write to the Zoning Board?  

There’s no right or wrong thing to say. Whatever it is, it should come from the heart and represent your opinions and feelings about West End development. There is no need to mention any of the legal or technicalities of what this meeting is for.  It’s about why you think it’s important for the West End, what or who will it help etc. Please keep in mind ultimately this is a part of the master vision for the Old Stone Tavern, and community interest in that vision is what will direct the Board. In this, please keep in mind that it is not this Event Center and then the Old Stone Tavern, it is the Event Center and the Old Stone Tavern (and perhaps more). These development will feed off each other in the end and form an amazing space the whole city can utilize & enjoy. 

  • Showing up in person: it’s not the more bodies the better, value is held by those who physically live in, or border the taverns’ neighborhood & to have value you would need to speak. 
  • Attending the Zoom: Anyone from anywhere can use this platform if they want to say something. (Also almost as good as in-person if you’re a member of the neighborhood but can’t, or don’t want to show up in person) 
  • Email:  This is the easiest way for someone who doesn’t want to speak in front of the committee to still contribute.  Anyone from anywhere should feel free to contribute this way. 

From the City of Pittsburgh at https://pittsburghpa.gov/dcp/upcoming about the meeting:

Zoning Board of Adjustment
May 16, 2024, 9:20 a.m.

DCP-ZDR-2023-11106, Case 42 of 2024
1017 McCartney Street
Rob Pfaffman, applicant
Change of use for public assembly (limited)
West End, Council District 2