The Tavern Ledger 1793-1796

The Old Stone Tavern is old!Ledger1-KatieMolnar

The Tavern is believed to have come alive in 1782, and our Carnegie Library is in possession of one of the Tavern’s ledgers that covers 1793-1796, which was also critical time in the Whiskey Rebellion over federal taxation.¬† Members feel that finding this ledger is like finding the Rosetta Stone of Pittsburgh history.

On Monday, February 17, 2014, Mark Lee of the West End Carnegie Library branch in Pittsburgh arranged for a tour of the Carnegie Library main branch archives room in Oakland, with special attention to viewing that preserved Old Stone Tavern ledger.

The archive room where the ledger is kept is known as the “William R. Oliver Special Collections Room” (or just “Oliver Room”). The room’s Archivist Greg¬†Priore was kind enough to show, and talk about, a number of books ranging from the late 1400’s on, which included going over the Old Stone Tavern ledger.

First pass research on the ledger against the University of Pittsburgh’s digital library found information on over two hundred of the people named in the journal! Of those, a few dozen are veterans of the American Revolution, over four dozen were participants in the Whiskey Rebellion, and more than a dozen took part in the War of 1812 (see a list here). We eventually hope to share, and cross reference, all this history on this website as part of our project.



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