Friends Saving Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern

Old Stone Tavern Friends Trust to unveil newly restored ledger at Annual Meeting

May 4,2019 at 1:00 pm: Carnegie Library West End Branch, 47 Wabash Street

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From 1793 to 1797, in a script fine and feathery, an Old Stone Tavern innkeeper recorded the names and accounts of his pioneer patrons. He wrote down, still using English pounds and shillings, what his customers ate, what they drank and what they bought, from beef and bacon, cloth and clothing, to hay and oats for their horses.

As the earliest written record of the tavern, the ledger serves of a who’s who of early Western Pennsylvania patriots. In fact, some 109 American Revolutionary soldiers downed a pint or two at this favorite watering hole.

Now this historical document has been lovingly restored and readied for a rare public appearance. Carnegie Library’s Services Administrator, Jennifer Pickle-Styran has graciously agreed to bring it to the Annual meeting of Old Stone Tavern Friends on May 4th.

Also during the meeting, Old Stone Tavern Friends members will present a CMU architect’s vision to restore the tavern.

The group aims “to secure ownership of the tavern and its property, provide for its long-term preservation, and educate the public about its significance in United States history.”

Our mission: To secure Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern and its property, provide for its long term preservation, and educate the public regarding its significance in United States History.

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