POST Friends Trust Update July 2014

Old Stone Tavern Friend:

Just as the early pioneers who passed through the Old Stone Tavern contributed to the birth of the United States, you have the opportunity to change the course of United States history. As you may know, the Tavern is being lost in increments due to neglect.  While it is possible to save it now, it will soon be impossible–forever.

We write to you today as like-minded citizens, ready to take action. The groundwork for the purchase of Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern and establishing a framework for the future are now in place. And our direction is defined by a clear mission statement: “To secure Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern and its property, provide for its long term preservation, and educate the public regarding its significance in United States History.”

Our Friends group accomplished the following groundwork in the past year:

  • Named the organization “Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern Friends Trust”
  • Registered as a Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation
  • Selected a Board of Directors
  • Developed an Ethics Policy
  • Elected officers: Paul Sentner, president; Anup Aryal, vice president; Norene Beatty, secretary; and Cris Mooney, treasurer.
  • Opened the organization’s bank account
  • Launched a website:
  • Authored and signed a Conflict of Interest Statement
  • Submitted a 501(c)(3) application
  • Published a press release promoting our mission
  • Completed and adopted by-laws
  • Established membership dues of $5.00
  • Met with Mr. Lee Harris, the current owner of the Old Stone Tavern, to discuss how to acquire the Tavern and its property

The next steps to saving the Old Stone Tavern are:

  • Launching a capital campaign including seeking grants
  • Planning a meeting for all our members to inform and  solicit ideas and support

Together we can breathe life into history by restoring, preserving and sharing the Old Stone Tavern for the benefit of the nation and future generations. We invite you to bring your vast and varied experience and join us in the effort to save this historic treasure, and to become a voting member of Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern Friends Trust, Inc. Rest assured, you can make a difference.

You are invited to become a friend of the Tavern for $5 by visiting our membership and donations page.

Donations for our capital campaign are also now being accepted. No matter how large or small your contribution is, every gift makes a profound difference.

Norene Beatty, Secretary